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Weldtite ECare Electric Bike Foam Cleaner Spray 150ml

Weldtite ECare Electric Bike Foam Cleaner Spray 150ml

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Product description Weldtite Foam Cleaner Spray 150ml


- Foam Cleaner Spray for the safe cleaning of your e-bike.
- Cleans effortlessly without the use of water
- Deep cleansing
- Acid and solvent free
- Suitable for use on the frame, handlebar and front fork.
- Contents: 150 ml.

Sales of eBikes increase year on year and with this comes the need to maintain them with specifically designed products. With nearly 80 years' experience in the Bike Market Weldtite have launched a brand new range of products formulated solely with eBikes in mind. At its heart eCare is maintenance made simple. Colour coded caps, and simple design mean even a novice eBike owner will have no problem maintaining their purchase, and with seven distinct products in the range, every aspect of simple, regular maintenance is covered.

Weldtite eCare Electric Bike Foam CleanerSpray is a multi-use foam cleaner designed for the quick removal of all dirt, oil or insect residues. Fragranced, deep cleaning acid and solvent free formula. For use on frames, handlebars and forks. 

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